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Our Mission Statement and
How To Become A Member

Established in 1989, the mission of Team Bums has been and will always be to promote the sport of mountain biking in New England. This is done via a network of current members whom organize rides, time trials, attend various racing events, donate time to trail maintenance and also host numerous bike and non-bike related social activities thoughout the year.

If you love mountain biking and have read some of our forums, all we ask is that you show up, introduce yourself at one of our mountain bike time trials or posted rides so you get to know us and we get to know you.

After becoming a member, you'll get access to "closed forum" discussion, Epic Rides (day long mountain bike events/rides), outing events (weekend long events) the Team Bums Summer Outing (combined bike and non-bike related events), movie nights and other bonus events.

What Have We Been Up To Lately?

Bike Giveaway: Pedal It Forward

Our youth bike giveaway contest back in 2011 was a huge success! Team Bums club funds, combined with an anonymous donor, allowed us to award two essay writing youths with brand new bikes. Additionally, Team Bums has used this experience to launch a new campaign called Pedal It Forward. See that page for some details on this year's winners and the campaign, where people are given bikes on the condition that they donate their old bike to someone else in need, and so on. While there, please 'like' the page to spread awareness on Facebook, thanks!

Time Trials and Trail Maintenance

Team BUMS have been giving back to the mountain biking community in central Massachusetts in big ways lately. We've continued the long standing club traditional spring and fall MTB time trial series. Along with this, our club members have been instrumental in creating and/or maintaining many of the riding locations you enjoy in the area.


For the past five years, Team BUMS has operated the mountain biking event within the Big MOE (MA Outdoor Expo) in Sturbridge, MA. As part of this excellent event, people of all walks of life are exposed to many activities they would otherwise never get a chance to try, such as shooting, kayaking, archery, fishing, geocaching, and of course mountain biking. This annual event brings hundreds of people of all ages and most of them take one or more of our ~1mi mountain bike tours.

Treasure Valley Rally

Team BUMS promotes the Treasure Valley Rally mountain bike race in Rutland, MA to benefit the local council of the Boy Scouts of America. This EFTA sanctioned event is part of their New England Championship Series. Our race attendance has grown steadily over the past 3 years, from 142 in 2008 to 165 in 2009 to 214 in 2010. In 2010 we added a youth class which turned out to be an excellent idea with 17 youth riders aged 10 and up participating.

Greenway Challenge

For the past several years, Team BUMS has planned, created, and run the mountain bike leg of the Greenway Challenge adventure race in central MA's Blackstone Valley. Here's the 2010 press release. In 2009 it involved new trails in the Goat Hill area of the Blackstone River & Canal Historical Park (south end of Plummer's Landing). In 2010, new trails were created and others linked near the Blackstone Gorge south of the 2009 area. Unfortunately, the 2011 event did not include a mountain biking leg.

We feel all of these events really help the sport of mountain biking and are one of the reasons our club motto is other clubs don't act like this!

Upcoming Events